Ronnie Wood's former lover Ekaterina Ivanova suspected he was cheating on her during their fling - but the ROLLING STONE tried to convince her she was "nuts" when she confronted him.
The 21 year old ended her tumultuous relationship with the veteran guitarist last month (Dec09), days after Wood was cautioned for assaulting her during a violent argument.
But the former waitress admits their romance became problematic months before it finally ended - because she had long suspected the flirty rocker was cheating on her.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "He'd go for coffee with women he'd only just met. I found it weird. Once I found a text from a PR woman he'd just met. It said, 'Okay then' followed by about a million kisses and a horny devil symbol. I don't know if anything happened between them but it may have. I got home from a weekend in Scotland and there were bottles and glasses everywhere. It was obvious someone had been there but he swore not.
"Other times he'd be doing a flirty voice on the phone and I could hear a woman's voice on the end of the line. He'd deny that he'd even been on the phone. He'd tell me I was going nuts.
"Once he took this woman friend shopping and bought her a dress and a pair of boots... He used to look at her a**e right in front of me. He'd flirt with everyone."
Wood walked out on his wife of 23 years, Jo, in the summer of 2008 after his affair with Ivanova was made public.