Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova was left fearing for her life when news of her relationship with the ROLLING STONE went public - she received death threats from incensed fans.
The 21 year old claims she became a hate figure when Wood left his wife of 23 years, Jo, for her in 2008.
And the former cocktail waitress is adamant the negativity towards her was so strong, strangers verbally threatened her in the street.
She tells Britain's Daily Star newspaper, "When it came out in the papers about me and Ronnie, I was called all kinds of things. In the street, a woman came up to me and shouted: 'You home-wrecking whore, I am gonna kill you.'
"I was frightened that people could get so worked up about my relationship - I was worried about what some people might do to me. It made me feel sick. I'd meet people and wouldn't know who to trust."