BE MY BABY singer Ronnie Spector jumped at the chance to headline the All Love, All Woodstock festival in New York on Friday (25Jun10) because she was so moved by the plight of a gay teen who inspired the event.
The concert was inspired by Constance MCMillen, who sued her Mississippi school for the right to take her girlfriend to prom.
The legendary Ronettes singer tells, "I know what it feels like to grow up as an outsider because I'm a half-breed. People would picket me, cut my hair off and everything.
"I could identify with her (MCMillen) because when I grew up my mother was black, my father was white and my mom was also half-Cherokee. I got picked on so much because they didn't know what I was."
Spector admits she hasn't met MCMillen, who is still battling school officials, but she hopes to: "I'm so proud of her... As a mother, I felt for Constance. We have to accept all kids for who they are and treat them with love and understanding. How could you not let a girl come to a prom? I just thought it was outrageous."