Sixties singer Ronnie Spector ordered aides to equip her studio with a Christmas tree and turn up the air conditioning as she recorded her new festive album - because she was laying down the tracks during a summer heatwave.
The former Ronettes star was recording vocals for her collection of seasonal songs, titled Best Christmas Ever, back in the summer (10) but struggled to get into a festive frame of mind because of the searing heat.
So she insisted on having Christmas decorations in the studio - and blasted out the air-con to keep a wintry chill blowing through the room.
Spector tells Vanity Fair, "I recorded it in the summer, when it was 95 degrees every day. I made them bring a Christmas tree into the studio and turn down the temperature so it was nice and chilly. It's hard to make yourself feel Christmasy when it's hot outside. And let me tell you, honey, it was a long, hot summer. That's the first line of the first song on the album. I love that line because it's exactly what it was. It was so hot."