British comic RONNIE CORBETT has no plans to retire from television despite ongoing health woes, according to his wife.

Corbett was said to be bringing his entertainment career to an end following a recent health scare, but the funnyman's partner, Anne, has now spoken out to clarify the report, which was published in a British newspaper on Sunday (16Mar14).

She reveals the 83-year-old star was treated for an inflamed gall bladder last week (ends16Mar14), but will continue with his upcoming projects, including filming a T.V. pilot with British comedian Rob Brydon.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "He's got contracts and commercials that he is working on. This report makes him sound like he has died, that his career is over, which is absolutely not the case. I am f**king furious.

"He was taken to hospital on Thursday and doctors discovered he had an inflamed gall bladder. They put him on high antibiotics and he is now perfectly fine.

"There will naturally come a time when he will decide it is a time to call it a day, but that moment has not arrived. Life goes on for Ronnie, as it always has done."