The brother of murdered Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen says a suspect who committed suicide when police descended on his Los Angeles apartment did not kill his sister, reports the New York Times. 64-year-old Chasen was gunned down in Beverly Hills on 16th November 2010, and police had been tipped off about a man named HAROLD SMITH who had boasted to neighbours that he had received money for 'a job'.
However, Ms Chasen's brother, the well-known film director Larry Cohen, has dismissed the link to Smith saying he could not have been the killer. He said, "This guy was a deranged person who just made that up, no way he was involved". The filmmaker, who was responsible for movies such as 'Captivity' and 'Maniac Cop', added, "I still think this was most likely a case of road rage." The publicist was not married and had no children, and reports last week suggested that at the time of writing her will in 1994 she was worth an estimated $6 million, however, she was said to be worth far more at the time of her death. Chasen was a high-profile figure in the film industry and had worked on movies such as 'Babel' and 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button', both of which starred Brad Pitt.
The 64-year-old was shot and killed while driving home from the premiere of the movie 'Burlesque' in Los Angeles. The crime initially bemused police and local residents as the incident took place in an area regarded as one of the safest in the city.