Roni Size has revealed that his collective REPRAZENT may split after work is completed on their next album.

The band won the Mercury Music Prize in 1997 for their album NEW FORMS and have returned to touring this year after a lengthy break.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, he said: "What we're currently doing is letting people know that, we’re here, we’re back, we’ve got the live show – it's good energy, high energy and we're currently in the studio trying to put the finishing touches to the final record."

"We're gonna do number three, Reprazent album and we'll see what happens from there. I think that will be our last album and we’ll tour again next year and hopefully we’ll start to make a real impact and people will see what we can bring to the table."

He said all members of REPRAZENT have their own solo capabilities, adding that it was "not really fair" to ask them to just represent him.

17/09/2008 11:44:15