Irish heart-throb popstar Ronan Keating once faced a horrifying cancer scare, when he feared he had the disease in his testicles.

The former Boyzone frontman found a lump while holidaying with wife YVONNE two months ago (APR03) and immediately sought advice from a doctor, who told him the growth wasn't malignant.

Ronan says, "It was terrifying.

"I check myself regularly. I was on holiday, noticed something and phoned the doc. When it didn't go away, I went home to see him.

"I know it can be passed on genetically and I had it checked out. My GP said it wasn't cancer."

Ronan's mother MARIE died of breast cancer five years ago (98) and the IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES crooner set up the MARIE KEATING FOUNDATION in her honour.

16/06/2003 09:06