Ronan Keating is to become a father for the fifth time.

The Boyzone singer - who has Jack, 20, Missy, 18, and Ali, 14, from his first marriage to Yvonne Connolly and two-year-old Cooper with spouse Storm - is delighted the model is pregnant again and says his wife is ''feeling great''.

Speaking to his Magic Radio Breakfast Show co-host Harriet Scott, he said: ''Storm and I are having a baby! It's really exciting. She's feeling great.''

Storm has taken to Instagram to share a cute picture of Cooper kissing her growing bump.

She captioned the post: ''Another little Keating on the way.''

The 38-year-old beauty previously admitted she had had a ''really difficult'' conversation with the 42-year-old star in the early days of their relationship because she wanted her own children while the 'So Good' hitmaker was unsure if he wanted any more kids.

She said: ''He [Ronan] wasn't sure if he wanted to have more children and that was really difficult for me because I always pictured having kids of my own and I come from a really large family.

''I went away and thought about it and I had to be really honest with myself. I spoke to my mum about it. There were tears.

''I knew in my heart that I could live the rest of my life without kids but I couldn't live without [Ronan].''

The 'Life is a Rollercoaster' hitmaker previously admitted he is delighted his older kids have established a strong ''bond'' with Cooper and think the tot is ''adorable''.

He said: ''It's been amazing to watch them. There is such a bond between all four of them.

''My boy, I've never heard him use the word 'adorable' in my life until I took Cooper and put him in his hands.

''It's that completeness you feel. Strength, security, knowing they're all happy together.''