Former boyband star Ronan Keating has called in the cops after a terrifying lady stalker who signs her name in red lipstick began bombarding him with threats.

The one-time BOYZONE singer has been getting up to three letters a day for the past six months from the disturbing fan, who has threatened to harm his wife YVONNE and their children JACK, four, and MARIE, two.

In one chilling note the woman warns she is "prepared to sacrifice anyone who gets in the way of me being with you".

Some of the mail comes written in a manic scrawl, with bizarre declarations of love and disturbing drawings as well as female underwear and hardcore pornography.

Worried Ronan says, "These letters started off really nice, but over time they have taken a nasty turn and I'm not prepared to risk anything happening, God forbid, to my wife and family.

"I normally like getting fan mail and I try to respond to as much stuff as possible. Most of the stuff I get is great and from normal fans who love my music.

"But when the safety of family comes into question, obviously I have to take action. Hopefully this woman can get help."

13/11/2003 01:48