Ronan Keating has claimed a well-known British actress shoved past him and his wife Storm at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London on Wednesday (05.09.18).

The Boyzone singer has lashed out at the mystery star - whose identity he refused to divulge - after she strutted down the red carpet on her own, pushed her way to the front of the photography queue and waltzed into the event without saying a word.

Speaking on Magic's 'Breakfast' show on Thursday (06.09.18), he said: ''You know the red carpet gets backed up a little bit. Always at all these events, whatever you do there's a little bit of a queue at the red carpet.

''Storm and I are standing there and having a chat with Erin O'Connor, the model and the lady from 'Game of Thrones' - Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie).

''We're having a chat, having a bit of craic and I can see this figure coming... and they're moving at speed. There's no one with them, they're on their own.

''There's this kind of flowing Bollywood style dress. In they walk, past us, through the queue, past the whole queue, straight to the top of the red carpet, in front of the photographers and boom - hand on the hip.

''You can just see everybody in the queue - everyone's just looking, going 'who the f does she think she is?!' You wouldn't mind if there was one of these American publicist people going: 'out of the way, excuse me.' But no on her own, on her tod, walked straight in. Top of the queue, passed everyone out.''

His co-host Harriet Scott - who seemingly knew the actress' identity - teased: ''She's a British actress, in a big blockbuster about a big event in World War II, something like a pivotal moment in World War II. She seemed like a really laid back person.''

But the rude encounter has put Ronan off the actress and her films from now on.

He said: ''We were disappointed, we wanted to really like her but we don't anymore!''