Ronan Keating ''panicked'' when his son Cooper stabbed his mother with a fork.

The singer's wife Storm Keating was rushed to a medical centre in Singapore after their toddler Cooper, 15 months, punched a hole in her face with the sharp utensil.

Speaking on Magic Radio Breakfast, he explained: ''We were having room service one night and Cooper, our one year old, decided to pick up a fork and split Storm's eyebrow open. Nine stitches! We spent the night in a Singapore hospital until about three or four in the morning, That was pretty full on. That's a scary moment. I thought she was joking! You know when that happens and you're trying to teach the kid a lesson. I'm going 'Cooper don't do that' and then I realise there's blood, oh no! She dealt with it very well. Better than me. I'm a bit of a panicker.''

And Storm - who tied the knot with the 41-year-old singer in 2015 - previously took to her Instagram account to reveal what happened.

She wrote on the social media site: ''Where you find yourself at 2am after your toddler sneaks a fork off the table during dinner & you couldn't get it back quick enough #a&e #emergency #hospital #singapore #stitches #rathermethanhim #whatabore #kids #motherhood #boyzoneasiatour18 #itsnotallglamourous (sic)''

Meanwhile, Ronan previously confessed he feels like him and Storm were always ''meant to be together.''

Whilst Storm added: ''It makes me very proud when I refer to 'my husband'. And for the kids, too. I'm sure it gives them more security knowing that we're officially a family now and I'm not someone who may one day walk out of their lives. If we lost everything tomorrow and the two of us ended up living in a shack on the beach in the middle of nowhere, then I would still be the happiest woman in the world. You can face everything in life when you know you've already got everything you need in just one person.''