Ronan Keating's daughter spent ''hours in surgery'' after a horseriding accident.

The 'When You Say Nothing At All' hitmaker's former wife Yvonne Connolly took to Instagram to reveal their 12-year-old daughter Ali had been in hospital after falling off her new pony.

She shared on Instagram: ''Last weekend Ali had her first show on her new pony, Red. After a cruel turn of events Ali ended up in hospital on Tuesday after a fall from him. (Not his fault) Just home today. She's now out of the saddle for 8-10 weeks and missing lots of competitions we had coming up. To say she is devastated is an understatement. After hours of surgery to repair broken bones she hopes to come back stronger. #bionicwoman #brave #red @_alikeating_ (sic)''

Ronan - who also has Missy, 17, and Jack, 19, with Yvonne - split from his wife in 2015 and later married Storm, with whom he has son, Cooper.

And Ronan recently admitted he feels like he was ''always'' meant to marry his wife Storm.

He said: ''It feels like we were always meant to be together.''

Whilst Storm added: ''It makes me very proud when I refer to 'my husband'. And for the kids, too. I'm sure it gives them more security knowing that we're officially a family now and I'm not someone who may one day walk out of their lives. If we lost everything tomorrow and the two of us ended up living in a shack on the beach in the middle of nowhere, then I would still be the happiest woman in the world. You can face everything in life when you know you've already got everything you need in just one person.''