Cheating Irish pop star Ronan Keating has finally come to terms with the breakdown of his 14-year marriage, admitting, "I deserve what I got".
The Boyzone singer split from his childhood sweetheart Yvonne after a fling with a backing dancer hit the headlines in 2010, and his efforts at a reconciliation failed.
Keating moved out of the family home in Malahide, Ireland earlier this year (12) and he is now trying to piece together his life and remain optimistic about the future.
During an interview on British radio station Magic 105.4, he says, "It's been a tough couple of years - I deserve what I got."
Keating and his ex have maintained an amicable relationship for the sake of their three young children, and the singer is now looking forward to helping his second child break into showbusiness.
He adds, "My 11-year-old daughter, Missy made a film this year, which is coming out in February (13); a horror movie called Dark Touch."