The wife of pop singer Ronan Keating thanks her famous husband for helping her change her negative attitude.

YVONNE KEATING was modelling when she and her IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES star husband started dating, and she says her experiences in the cut-throat world of fashion had left her jaded.

But Ronan's optimistic attitude and belief in the good in others helped transform Yvonne into the person she is today.

She says, "When I first got together with Ronan, I was very cynical. I had been around on the Dublin modelling scene for a couple of years.

"I was hard and tough and as quick to say something bad about somebody as something good. Ronan was the opposite, he trusted everyone, I trusted no-one.

"He has made me less cynical, and I have probably made him more worldly wise."

08/03/2004 21:26