Squeaky-clean singer Ronan Keating reportedly made a fool of himself at a posh dinner when he drunkenly swore on stage and slurred his words.

The LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER crooner was attending a Marbella, Spain, charity ball on Saturday (19JUL03) for homeless organisation FOCUS IRELAND which was attended by the cream of Irish society.

The trouble started when one guest offered €10,000 ($11,400/GBP7,100) for the former Boyzone frontman to sing three songs.

One source tells British newspaper THE DAILY MIRROR, "Ronan happily went along with it. But when he got on stage he realised that this wasn't his usual audience.

"That's when the jeering started. Someone immediately shouted out, 'I'll give him €10,000 if he doesn't sing.' Everyone started laughing but Ronan didn't raise a smile. We then noticed he was a bit unsteady on his feet. In fact, he was very drunk. There was no question about it.

"He told the audience he wanted them to sing along with him - but there was silence. It was so embarassing."

Things became swiftly more awkward when the singer forgot his songwords.

The source adds, "He then said he'd sing anyway. He attempted three songs but couldn't remember the words. He was just so drunk. It was a complete fiasco.

"The organisers said to themselves, 'We have to get him off.' But he wouldn't leave the stage. That's when the bad language started.

"He was swearing away into the microphone at them, talking total rubbish. He was then asked to do the raffle. Luckily, that shut him up and got him off the stage."

Ronan then left the event at the PUENTE ROMANO HOTEL with wife YVONNE and flew back to Ireland.

His spokesperson says, "Ronan was there to raise a lot of money for charity. He had lots of fun but can't remember too much about it."

24/07/2003 13:27