Ronan Keating's fulfilled his "lifetime ambition" when he dueted with YUSUF ISLAM, the singer formerly known as Cat Stevens.

The Irish star auditioned for boyband Boyzone with Islam's song FATHER + SON - a track which the band later recorded - and meeting the songwriter was a dream come true.

Keating says, "It was a lifetime ambition to work with Yusuf... He came down with his son to see us performing the song eight or nine years ago on (BBC music TV show) Top Of The Pops and that was incredible.

"We stayed in touch over the years and it was only recently when we thought of the 10 YEARS OF HITS concept that I realised he perfect duet to do would be Father + Son... In the studio he was a very peaceful, quiet man, decent and honest.

"He came in and he didn't really want to do the father thing and me do the son, but before I knew it there he was singing the father bit and I'm going, 'This is brilliant'. It was a magic moment."

07/10/2004 17:34