Pop hunk Ronan Keating was so determined to beat a throat infection and play a gig in Cardiff, Wales, he agreed to stop speaking for two days.

Doctors ordered the ex-BOYZONE star to cancel last night's (14DEC04) concerts to give him time to recover from laryngitis, but the Irish singer refused to let down fans and compromised with specialists by agreeing to keep silent until his voice returned, reports British newspaper the DAILY STAR.

An insider explains, "Initially he thought it was just a nasty cold and that he'd simply sing with a huskier voice. But by Monday morning he was in so much pain.

"We got the specialist in who diagnosed the laryngitis and advised him to cancel his gigs for the rest of the week.

"Ronan was reluctant and was told that if he was to have any hope of singing on Tuesday, he couldn't speak to anyone until right before the gig to save his vocal cords."

15/12/2004 16:33