Irish singer Ronan Keating was so terrified by a recent cancer scare he began choosing the songs he wanted played at his funeral.
The Boyzone frontman was holidaying in South Africa when he found a lump on his testicle, and immediately suspected the worst.
And Keating, who lost his mother to breast cancer 11 years ago, admits he panicked, thinking he would fall victim to the disease like his beloved mum.
He tells Britain's Daily Mail, 'It was really scary. I thought I definitely had cancer. The lump felt very different and I knew straight away there was something there. I had written myself off. I had the songs picked for my funeral and everything."
But despite a reassuring phone call to his doctor, he couldn't shake the fear in the back of his mind.
He adds, "I called my GP straight away. He told me it was probably fine but to come and see him when I got back. Being a hypochondriac I feared the worst. We went to the beach, the wine region and on safari, but I worried the whole time. It ruined the holiday."
However, a trip to the hospital on his return home showed the lump was harmless - but the experience has made Keating determined to raise awareness about testicular cancer.
He explains, "Men are too proud. They don't want to get their testicles checked by some doctor and they won't see one if they do find something.
"Because I'm always preaching about checking yourself regularly, I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I didn't do it myself."