Squeaky-clean Irish singer Ronan Keating has been caught up in a saucy hotel romp.

But the former BOYZONE singer hasn't changed his sensible ways - he accidentally interrupted a passionate couple who found his hotel room door unlocked.

Ronan, 26, was partying at the launch party for boyband PHIXX's single HOLD ON ME at London club NO 5 CAVENDISH SQUARE on Tuesday (21OCT03) evening when he decided to have an early night.

However, Keating found himself unable to sleep in the club's private bedroom and so headed back downstairs, accidentally leaving his door open.

When the LIFE IS A ROLLERCOASTER singer returned he found an amorous couple had snuck into his room.

An insider says, "It was hilarious. Ronan rushed back downstairs to tell everyone and he was giggling like crazy.

"He was very decent about it - he quietly closed the door and let them be. He then returned later with a bottle of champagne for them. The couple were really embarrassed."

23/10/2003 17:35