Irish pop star Ronan Keating agreed to a Boyzone reunion because he wanted to apologise to his former bandmates for abandoning the group. The 30-year-old enjoyed success in his own right after leaving the Love Me For A Reason hitmakers in 1999, but recently agreed to a comeback because he felt guilty about his pursuit of solo fame. And Keating has not ruled out the possibility of recording new material with the group. He says, "They're older and I'm older, they understand I had to go and follow my dream. Now we thought let's get together to see if we can be in the same room. None of us had met as a five-piece since we broke up in 2000, and it was like we'd never been apart. "Half the reason I'm back is because I think I owe it to the guys and time is a great healer. We might enjoy each other's company so much that we might start writing again as a band, and we might make an album together."