Former BOYZONE stars Ronan Keating and Shane Lynch have patched up their differences, leading to hopes the group could reform.

The LOVE ME FOR A REASON singers hadn't spoken for two years until they bumped into each other on Tuesday (21OCT03) evening at a London party to promote new boyband PHIXX.

Shane had previously said he'd punch Ronan when he saw him, blaming the singer's solo ambitions for the demise of Boyzone.

Shane says, "I haven't seen Ronan for a long time. It's been two years and when I was an angry guy I said some stupid things that I didn't really mean.

"We fell out and I was delighted to see him and apologise to him.

"My apology was accepted and hopefully we can move on and become the friends we always were in the past.

"Ronan has been a big part in my life for so many years. It was silly, stupid things that we fell out over. Now we are grown on we can move on."

23/10/2003 17:35