The grandson of former U.S. president Ronald Reagan has been charged with resisting arrest after police were called to his family's California home on Thursday (07Jan10).
Cops arrived at Cameron Reagan's parents' home in Van Nuys shortly after midnight on Thursday after the panic button on the property's burglar alarm was activated.
According to, the 31 year old was found in a drunken state and began shouting obscenities at the officers.
Cameron, the son of radio and TV personality Michael Reagan, was hauled off to jail and has been officially charged with resisting arrest.
As WENN went to press, he was still believed to be behind bars.
It is not the first time Cameron has been in trouble with the law - claims he served six months in prison in 1999 after he was convicted of receiving stolen goods relating to two car burglaries.
Another arrest in 2001 landed him in rehab and anger management class after police found a bag of marijuana on his person following a car break in.