Review of Timeless (Keep On Movin') Single by Ron Van Den Beuken

Ron Van Den Beuken

Ron Van Den Beuken Timeless (Keep On Movin') Single

Ron Van Den Beuken - Timeless (Keep On Movin') New single released June 7th

Ron van den Beuken (up-) and John van Dongen (down at the photo) are the brain behind this DJ-act. John and Ron are very good friends and they have been working in the studio together for a long time. They began their cooperation with J&R project (Keep It Up) which became an international success as well in clubs as on the radio. It even got a top 10 position in the Dutch Dancecharts and in the Scandinavian Sales Chart.

After the success of this track Ron started producing trance, and his first Trance Project was called Shane 'Cest Muzique'. It reached the UK Club Charts and included on a lot of English and German compilations.

Music - Ron Van Den Beuken - Timeless (Keep On Movin') New single released June 7th

His first release with The Mystery ('Mystery') got a lot of popularity from DJs like Dave Pearce (BBC Radio 1) and Johan Gielen. 'The Mystery' has been released in countries all over the world, like Spain , Southern Africa , Australia , The Netherlands, Canada , Israel and Japan . Thanks to the huge popularity of the DJs and Clubs it got licensing deals all over the world. It got into the Top 75 Sales Chart in U.K.

Ron's next track 'Devotion' (all i ever wanted) was another big hit. Once more it got a lot of support from DJs, such as Paul van Dijk, Armin van Buuren, Johan Gielen, Black & Jones, Judge Jules and many more. Again Top 75 U.K and for the first time Top-100 Sales Chart Holland.

In 2003 Clokx he introduced Clokx, covering clocks from Coldplay. It reached several number one positions in the dance-charts all over the world, and it got entry in Top-100 Sales Chart Holland.

Soon after that his new record "Timeless" was released. This one became a huge success in clubs all over Europe , and it was the finally breakthrough for Ron van den Beuken.

"Timeless" was Dance-smash at Radio538 and floorfiller at Radio3, and again Top-100.

Ron's latest record "Overdrive" got a lot of support from very important dj's, like Tisto, Marco V, Armin, etc.

Again number one in the dance-charts and this time it became his first Top-40 cross-over hit! And again Dance-smash at Radio538 and floorfiller at Radio3.

At the moment there's a lot of asking for remixes. In the past remixes were made, for example Quiksilver, G-Spott, 4 Strings and Sash, CRW, Blank&Jones, Macc Zimms, CRW, etc.

The DJ of those two guys is John van Dongen, better know as DJ Ron van den Beuken AKA The Mystery. In 1998 he began to produce dance music and since 1992 he is active as a DJ in different clubs. Besides his cooperation with Ron van den Beuken with the projects, 8 Hands, Nightvision, E-wok and J&R Project, he also did a couple of solo projects, and off course we're going to hear more from this DJ!

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