Actor Ron Perlman fears fans of the Hellboy film franchise are in for a long wait for a third and final installment in the movie series because the project lacks the big Hollywood name needed to attract proper financing.

The Sons of Anarchy star tackled the title role as the giant red demon in two action movies, both helmed by filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, and although Perlman is eager to reprise the comic book superhero amd wrap up the story in one last outing, he believes it needs a massive $200 million (£129 million) cash injection to turn it into a proper blockbuster - but the interest from studio executives just isn't there.

He tells Wenn, "I suddenly turned a corner where I became obsessed with ending the trilogy. We asked the fans to invest so deeply in the first two installments and they were really set-ups of this oracle that Hell Boy has been placed on the earth to destroy the world. But he's been nurtured to save it.

"It can only play out in the last film and the problem is it needs to be a $200 million because it's huge. It's difficult if you're not Leonardo DiCaprio or someone like that to ask someone to write that kind of cheque."

The original 2004 film was made on a budget of $66 million (£42.6 million) and grossed $99 million (£63.9 million) worldwide, with its sequel, Hellboy Ii: The Golden Army making back almost double the initial investment of $85 million (£54.8 million).