Ron Perlman says the director added a ''double dose'' of ''s**tness'' to his character in 'Pacific Rim'.

The 63-year-old actor stars as superficial Hannibal Chau - a character who sells organs on the black market and wears gold shoes, gold rings, and has gold teeth in the film, directed by Guillermo Del Toro - and says his character is ''full of s**t''.

He told the guardian newspaper: ''I got the impression that the character was supposed to be played by someone of a different ethnicity.

''And when Guillermo took over, he thought how about if we went with a completely oversized Jew from New York who dressed like PT Barnum, a purveyor of all things materialistic?

''It took a character that's completely full of s**t to start with, then added a whole other layer of full of s**t-ness, a double dose.''

Many of Perlman's scenes were shot with Charlie Day, who plays Dr. Newton Geizler, and he thinks they have great chemistry which was only accentuated by their height difference.

He said: ''I felt like we were doing a vaudeville act - I mean, it's a sight-gag, I'm six-two, he's about five-two, so there's this immediate visual thing, you've almost won the game before a single pitch is thrown.''