Porn king Ron Jeremy was "extremely close" to death after suffering a heart aneurysm last month (Jan13).

The adult film actor admitted himself to Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on 29 January (13), complaining of severe chest pains.

Surgeons subsequently operated on the 59 year old after an aneurysm near his heart was discovered, and he remains in hospital so doctors can monitor his health.

Jeremy called into TMZ Live on Wednesday (06Feb13) and revealed he was about to head to America's East Coast when his chest pains started - and doctors are convinced he would have died if he had made the journey.

He says, "I (had) chest pains, I had tingling in my extremities - feet, hands - chest pain, back pain... I was on the way to fly up to the East Coast for an amazing event... (and) all the doctors told me had I got on the plane I'd be a dead man. I was extremely close (to death)."