Porn star Ron Jeremy has blasted sex tape celebrities for acting horrified when their saucy films enter the public domain - insisting they're the ones who orchestrate the release of X-rated footage. The legendary porn performer is a fervent endorser of celebrity sex tapes, claiming the explicit videoed antics of stars such as Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson have revitalised the adult film industry. However, he refuses to accept celebrities are the innocent victims of sex tape scandals - and believes they sneakily leak their naked frolics to boost their ailing careers. He says, "Paris Hilton's sex tape's very good, by the way. It helps (the industry). It helps it a lot. It gives it a real boost. "I love the excuse they use: 'Oh, I don't know how they got a hold of it!' It's such a big joke now. Any celebrity that's not doing so good, they jump by having a good sex scandal."