Director Ron Howard has kept his past days in classic sitcom Happy Days under such tight wraps at home, his actress daughter Bryce Dallas Howard hasn't seen one episode of the show.

Howard played lovable character RICHIE CUNNINGHAM in the comedy from 1974 to 1980, and while the show has proved popular around the world and made the actor a household name, his 23-year-old daughter has yet to see what made her dad famous.

She says, "I've actually never seen an episode of Happy Days ever. It would've been kind of strange. I have a lot of respect for my dad and I guess he did some pretty silly things on that show.

"Now it's become this 'thing' that if I see it I'll be upset if it's not an epic moment in my life."

But Bryce has watched her father in episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.

She adds, "My mom would have us watch that because she thought that show was very moral and wholesome."

27/07/2004 09:26