OSCAR-winning director Ron Howard is desperate to cast his daughter BRYCE DALLAS-HOWARD in his next movie because then he could spend time with his family and work obsessively.

The 51-year-old director has four children and is desperate not to forsake parenthood to further his career - but he is addicted to making movies.

And he is convinced all that stands between him and his dream is the correct script.

Howard says, "My wife (CHERYL) will tell you I'm a little too consumed by work sometimes, but there are only two things that I do.

"I don't have hobbies. I used to be a big sports fan. I barely follow it now.

"I basically raise my family - I try to comfort and care for my wife - and I work on movies.

"I'd like to do a film with my daughter but I don't have a script and I don't know if I can afford her. She's getting pretty expensive."