Director Ron Howard was forced to move his family move away from Hollywood when his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard came home from child care with a movie script. The Village star was only a toddler when her father decided it would be best to raise his family in Connecticut - far away from the entertainment industry. The Da Vinci Code film-maker was shocked when a friend's parent had given his daughter a script so she could pass it on to him. She explains, "I think what was alarming for my parents was when I was like four years old at some kind of daycare, and I showed up with a script that someone had handed to me at day care (to give to my father). "They were like, 'Let's get out of here! We're going to the East Coast!' "It was reallly nice, they managed a great balance. Of course I spent a lot of time on sets, but I was entirely sheltered from Hollywood. "I had absolutely no idea what the industry was about."