Oscar-winning film-maker Ron Howard is happy to tolerate Russell Crowe's temper tantrums, because they usually precede his best performances.

The former HAPPY DAYS star has teamed up with Crowe twice - on 2001's A Beautiful Mind and this year's (05) CINDERELLA MAN - and he has found approaching the Australian actor with simple logic is the best way to transform his anger into mesmerising acting.

He says, "Working with Russell, I always say, is a little but like filming on a tropical island.

"You know the weather's going to change several times during the course of the day, but you also know it's a beautiful island and you want to be there, and if you just wait a few minutes the sun will come out.

"You know, he does have a quick temper. But I always approach him at these moments with simple logic and I always find that it works."