British actress Romola Garai found filming HAVANA NIGHTS: Dirty Dancing 2 a deeply sensual experience.

The pretty star, who has appeared in Nicholas Nickleby and I CAPTURE THE CASTLE, has been filming the long-awaited sequel in Puerto Rica with sexy Mexican co-star DIEGO LUNA - and claims her new-found dancing skills awakened her inner "passion".

Romola blushes, "I have fallen in love with dancing - it's so freeing and so sexy. It's like making love on the dancefloor. The whole thing has been the most passionate experience.

"I left home on January 5 (03) and did not get back in London until this month (JUN03), but I had the time of my life. I have used every part of my body, plus muscles I did not know I had, because the dancing is a combination of salsa and Latin ballroom. It felt like daily aerobics."

27/06/2003 13:43