Nicholas Nickleby star Romola Garai was disappointed to find her hunky co-stars were much more "magically sexy" on screen than in real life.

The British actress felt let down by the lack of sex appeal on the set of the CHARLES DICKENS adaptation, and found the sparkle drained out of any on-screen frisson.

Romola complains, "The single biggest surprise about acting is how unsexy the lead actors can be when you work with them.

"You see people such as Henry Thomas and Marc Blucas, who were in I CAPTURE THE CASTLE, and they look absolutely gorgeous. Then you work with them and all the magic goes. You find yourself complaining about the same things and worrying about lines and looks.

"Look at Charlie Hunnam, who plays NICHOLAS NICKLEBY. He is a beautiful looking man but you are soon sitting down between scenes, having a cigarette, comparing blisters and talking about your agent."

27/06/2003 13:43