Rapper Romeo Miller is a fashionable role model - he has launched his own clothing line promoting positive messages.
The 20-year-old star, son of former gangster rap icon Master P, is the founder of the College Boyys collection - with one line aimed at boys aged between two and seven, and another range for those aged eight to 20. Each item of clothing features a morale-boosting message on the hang tags.
Miller, who is studying for his final year at the University of Southern California, admits he got the idea to incorporate positivity into the designs from his dad.
He says, "When I was a kid, my dad use to write with a marker on my t-shirt, 'I'm going to college' and that imprint stuck in my head and made a difference to me in my life, turning it into a reality.
"I want to implant the same positive message to young boys as they dress themselves each day with a feeling of success. They can look in the mirror at themselves with a positive goal in mind for their bright future knowing that going to college can make a big difference in their lives."
And Miller is doing his bit for the community by donating part of the proceeds to local education programmes for at-risk youths.
A statement reads, "College Boyys clothing is more than a brand, it stands for something and is making a real difference."