In October last year (15), Polish officials ruled they would not extradite the Rosemary's Baby moviemaker back to the U.S. following a number of attempts from American authorities to get Polanski back to their country so he could be punished for his 1977 sexual offence.

Polish prosecutors upheld the decision in November, 2015, and the case was closed, but Zbigniew Ziobro, Poland's justice minister and prosecutor general, announced Tuesday (31May16) he would be appealing the decision at the Supreme Court.

"I’ve decided to file to the supreme court an appeal over the ruling... in which the ... court decided not to extradite Mr Polanski to the US in a situation when he’s accused of and wanted for... a rape of a child," he said, according to Polish agency PAP.

Polanski, who has French and Polish citizenship, fled the U.S. on the eve of his sentencing hearing in 1978 for unlawful sex with a minor, a charge he had pleaded guilty to.

France does not extradite its own citizens but the director occasionally visits Poland, attending a press event in Katowice, a southwestern city just last week (26May16).

In September 2009, he was arrested by Swiss police and later released after Swiss authorities denied a U.S. request for his extradition. In October 2015, after another request for extradition, a judge in Poland refused the request.

The 82-year-old said after the October (15) ruling, "I can breathe now with relief... I pleaded guilty. I went to prison. I have done my penalty. The case is closed."