LATEST: OSCAR winning director Roman Polanski has denied he ever stated he has vowed never to work with his The Pianist lead star Adrien Brody again.

The film-maker, according to the NEW YORK POST newspaper, was so furious that Brody failed to thank him during his acceptance speech for his Best Actor ACADEMY AWARD last month (23MAR03) that he promised to never work with the "punk" Irishman again.

However, Polanski completely denies making the quoted comments.

He says, "I am stunned by what I read. All I can say is that I never said or even thought anything that was ascribed to me. I was jumping with joy when I saw Adrien's speech.

"I felt - and still feel - enormous gratitude and love for Adrien. Without Adrien Brody there would no Pianist. What more can I say to dispel these lies?"