Roman Polanski's underage sex assault victim SAMANTHA GEIMER has asked for the case against the director to be closed - as he doesn't need to be "locked up".
French-born Polanski pleaded guilty to the statutory rape of the then 13-year-old Geimer in 1978, but fled to Paris before he could be sentenced for the crime.
The 45-year-old mother of two has since recovered from the ordeal and insists that Polanski should not be jailed for the crime because it was a one-off offence.
She says, "I don't think he's a danger to society. I don't think he needs to be locked up forever and no one has ever come out ever besides me and accused him of anything.
"I think we just wanted it to be over and sending him to jail was not going to help it be over. I think he's sorry, I think he knows it was wrong."
But Geimer admits that it's unlikely Polanksi will receive fair treatment if he ever decides to return to the U.S.
She adds, "He needs to make a deal to be treated fairly when he gets back here (America) and with his celebrity I think that's going to be hard."