Maverick movie-maker Roman Polanski is thrilled to be making a new screen version of CHARLES DICKENS book Oliver Twist, as he will finally be embracing a younger audience.

The 72-year-old ROSEMARY'S BABY director sparked curiosity with his determination to recreate the classic tale, as he is famed for more disturbing subjects.

But he is fed up of having to shield his children MORGANE, 13, and ELVIS, seven, from his work, and is keen to see their reaction when the movie hits screens later this year (05).

He says, "Everyone asked me, 'Why?' It is very simple. I have two young children and want them to see a film of mine at the cinema.

"Oliver Twist had long been my favourite book from the many great novels of Charles Dickens.

"I read it to my children and they loved it. I realised that this was the way forward and I could do something different.

"My films always seem so unsuitable for a family audience. But can I get this right?"