Film-maker Roman Polanski will give evidence via video link from France in his libel case against Vanity Fair magazine - in a bid to avoid being extradited to America.

The British law lords have granted permission for the OSCAR-winning director, who is a French citizen, to remain in Paris to give evidence through a video conferencing (VCF) link in his legal proceedings against publishing house CONDE NAST without fearing arrest.

Polanski, 71, is angry over a Vanity Fair article published in July 2002 which focuses on his notorious 1977 underage sex charge, which prompted him to flee America.

LORD NICHOLLS says, "Despite his furtive status, a fugitive from justice is entitled to invoke the assistance of the court and its procedures in protection of his civil rights.

"That is his right and he wishes to exercise it. He is not trying to hide from anybody. It is incorrect, then, to say that his sole aim in seeking this order is to avoid being extradited."

10/02/2005 17:47