An Iranian actor planning to audition for 2003 OSCAR winner The Pianist is suing a British based talent agency who told him to stick to roles as "kebab shop owners or terrorists".

ALAN MARNI, 33, is furious that he was not given the chance to do a screentest for director Roman Polanski because he was not told about the part until it was too late. The role led star Adrien Brody to win an ACADEMY AWARD.

Marni also claims the attitude of OTTO SERVICES MANAGEMENT - based in Sheffield, north England - resulted in him only winning three parts in 21 months.

Marni, in an 83 page statement to an industrial tribunal, alleges that he was told to go for "racially-specific" parts and that agency co-ordinator JOHN LANGFORD responded to his dream of playing SHAKESPEARIAN character Macbeth by saying, "You'd be better suited for kebab shop owners and terrorists."

In the past acting legend Art Malik has also slammed the way Asian actors are treated by the industry, accusing casting directors of only using them in stereotypical roles.

05/01/2004 18:21