Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman has shattered the band's legendary rock 'n' roll image by insisting they're not the intoxicated, ladies' men their reputation suggests.

The 68-year-old BROWN SUGAR star quit the legendary band in 1993 in favour of a quieter life, but he insists it wasn't a constant stream of insatiable women and endless supply of alcohol that tired him out - it was the stress of maintaining the Stones' status in rock 'n' roll.

And Wyman insists the band's care-free lifestyle was wildly exaggerated anyway.

He says, "That life that everybody else envied doesn't exist. To be in a band and be world famous is hard work. You are not lying by a pool drinking champagne, being served Beluga caviar and with a host of girls around."

27/04/2005 14:00