Former Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman is delighted to be reunited with the bass guitar he lost in New Zealand nearly 40 years ago.

Wellington musician NICK SCEATS - who had the guitar for 15 years and returned it at Easter (APR04) when he discovered it belonged to the rock legend - received a letter from Wyman (27MAY04) exclaiming that the bass he thought he had lost forever was back in his hands.

The 67-year-old said,"It doesn't look too bad for wear and tear, considering what it has gone through and the travelling it has done over the years. Once again, thank you. Your kindness was well appreciated."

Wyman kept a detailed diary of each Rolling Stones tour but mysteriously refused to explain how he lost the guitar - which was one of a small number made by manufacturer VOX in the 1960s.

03/06/2004 17:33