Former Rolling Stones star Bill Wyman still has very fond memories of the time he spent in France recording classic album EXILE ON MAIN STREET - he drank wine, made arty home movies and checked out the topless girls sunbathing in Cannes.
The rocker rented a home in Bastille de Seine et Trois while he waited for bandmate Keith Richards to set up his studio at a chateau nearby - and admits he had a magical summer there in 1971.
Recalling the time in new documentary Stones in Exile, the bass player says, "I had these beautiful gardens with high wild flowers and they (the town nearby) had their own vineyards and their own wine. They used to have about 400 to 600 bottles of wine every year from their grapes, which you drank; it was the house wine.
"I would go in the gardens and take pictures of nature. There was massive great grass snakes - about seven foot long - that would just slither off. It was really interesting. I've always loved nature anyway. I took a lot of movie films of praying mantis eating insects and things."
And when he wasn't taking photos, making nature movies and drinking the local wine, Wyman liked ogling the girls on the beaches of Cannes.
He adds, "We could go to Cannes and walk along the beach and see all the topless girls, which you didn't see in England; naked girls. That was kind of a bit of fun."