Former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman has hit out at ex-bandmates SIR Mick Jagger and Keith Richards for failing to credit him for his contribution to the band's hits. Wyman, who left the Stones in 1993, is particularly aggrieved over their classic release JUMPIN' JACK FLASH - because no one will admit he was responsible for it. He says, "There were songs I did deserve credit for. The big one was Jumpin' Jack Flash. "These days Mick and Keith will say I had nothing to do with its writing, but I've got Keith on film in the seventies saying Jumpin' Jack Flash was Bill's song. "There are dozens of songs I made better. On PAINT IT BLACK there was something missing. I wasn't an organ player, so I laid down on the floor and hammered the pedals with my fists. "That sound carries the whole song. But my contributions were never credited."