Former Rolling Stones rocker Bill Wyman has been reunited with a long-lost bass guitar - 38 years after it was stolen in New Zealand.

The START ME UP bassist last saw the teardrop-shaped instrument when the legendary band played a gig in Wellington in 1966.

For the last 15 years local musician NICK SCEATS has had the bass hanging on his bedroom wall, after being given it to pay off an outstanding debt.

Sceats had heard the rumours the instrument belonged to the Stones legend and decided to investigate, after which he received a letter from Wyman last week (ends09APR04).

Wyman wrote, "I was so delighted to read your email regarding my long-lost, but not forgotten, VOX bass guitar.

"I just couldn't believe it had turned up and that you were trying to make contact to return it to me - my profound thanks to you."

And kind-hearted Sceats sent the instrument back to Wyman by airmail - free of charge.

He explains, "I don't see why he should pay for something that was stolen from him."

12/04/2004 17:22