Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood is so desperate to see bandmate Keith Richards in costume as Johnny Depp's pirate dad in the second Pirates Of The Caribbean sequel he's begging him to turn up to band rehearsals in full costume. Impatient Wood can't wait to see his pal in the third Pirates movie and instead wants to see what he'll look like on the big screen as soon as possible. And when he heard that Richards will be flying in for band's next rehearsal date in Boston, Massachusetts, he urged the rocker not to bother changing. He says, "They're filming as we speak, and he's gonna come to the next rehearsal in Boston dressed in his pirate gear." Wood reveals his bandmate is thrilled about his film role as Depp's dad, but he wasn't delighted about his accessories: "He said, 'I'm not allowed to shave, and they're gonna start tying bits on the growth from my face to get into pirate mode.'"