A female stablehand on Rolling Stones rocker CHARLIE WATTS' English stud farm, who claimed she was bullied out of her job, lost her unfair dismissal case yesterday (11JUL05).

Groom RUTH ROLLO claimed the drummer's wife and co-owner GERMAN KURTZ forced her to leave her job after telling her she was "incompetent and not confident around horses".

The ex-army girl said, "I was victimised for six months.

"I hope Mrs Watts would see what was going on, but I couldn't trust her."

But lawyer for Watts told the employment tribunal the rocker's wife was a "perfectionist" who like things to be done properly at her husband's country farm in Torrington, Devon.

The judge finally ruled in favour of Watts, stating the groom did not give the star's wife "enough opportunity to sort out her grievance" before she quit the job.

12/07/2005 01:35