Irish rockers U2 have beaten THE Rolling Stones and The Eagles to top the 2005 rock rich list, drawn up by Rolling Stone magazine. Bono and his bandmates made an estimated $154.2 million (GBP90.7 million) from touring and album sales, becoming the only act to break $100 (GBP58.8 million) on the Rock's Top Thirty Moneymakers list, which is compiled using interviews with industry experts and figures from Nielsen Soundscan and Pollstar. The top 10 rock earners of 2005, according to Rolling Stone magazine are: 1. U2 ($154.2 million/GBP90.7 million) 2. THE ROLLING STONES ($92.5 million/GBP54.4 million) 3. THE EAGLES ($63.2 million/GBP37.1 million) 4. Sir Paul McCartney ($56 million/GBP33 million) 5. Elton John ($48.9 million/GBP28.8 million) 6. Neil Diamond ($44.7 million/GBP26.4 million) 7. Jimmy Buffett ($44 million/GBP25.9 million) 8. Rod Stewart ($40.3 million/GBP23.7 million) 9. Dave Matthews Band ($39.6 million/GBP23.3 million) 10. Celine Dion ($31.5 million/GBP18.5 million).