Irish rockers U2 made more money than any other act in 2005 - according to Billboard's Money Makers chart.

The BONO-fronted band made over $255 million (GBP141 million) from current and back catalogue album and digital sales and box office receipts between 10 January and 4 December 2005.

THE Rolling Stones came in at number two with over $152 million (GBP84 million), followed by country singer Kenny Chesney, who made almost $88 million (GBP49 million).

Sir Paul McCartney was close behind at number four with $84 million (GBP46 million), but would have only made it to number seven if not for THE Beatles 1.3 million album sales in the same time period.

In fifth place was SIR Elton John with $77 million (GBP43 million).

The remaining money-making acts in the top 10 are Celine Dion, 50 CENT, Green Day, Neil Diamond and The Eagles.